Analysis of impacts to the water environment and development of mitigation strategies and action plans

Environmental Impact Assessments

Full suite of near-field and far-field hydrodynamic, advection-dispersion and water quality modelling services 

Numerical Modelling Studies


Sustainable and cost effective planning strategies for wastewater, stormwater and water supply

Water Management Strategies

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Local expert with global experience


Intrawater is led by Ed Beling, a senior marine scientist and chartered civil engineer with more than 25 years experience in the water sector including Australia, the UK and Bermuda.


A local expert with global experience and an extensive track record of assisting clients in defining, managing and mitigating the environmental risks associated with their projects.


Specialist skills in the following fields :


• Stormwater and wastewater management strategies
• Environmental impact assessments
• Estuarine and coastal marine science

• Mixing zone modelling and outfall/diffuser design 
• Water supply assessments and strategies
• Catchment hydrology and contaminant load studies
• Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling 
• Ecosystem health analysis

• Independent technical review and expert witness services

How can we help you with our services ?

Intrawater can deliver innovative solutions to address all your water management challenges.  


We understand that your water management needs are driven by many variables - our services are available autonomously or in strategic partnerships to create a tailor-made package to meet your requirements.

Regulatory Shifts
Rising Populations
Economic Pressure
More Wastewater
More Waste Water
Climatic Extremes

Delivering tailored solutions in water management